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“We are extremely happy with the service, and the relationship with Chuck in particular. He is super responsive, and we try not to cry wolf too often so that when we ask for help we really need it. He responds instantly, is always in a great mood, and is just a super person to know and to work with. Plus the service you offer is very useful and let’s us not worry about this house when we’re not here.
Golden Oak Resident
“We have been a client of TotalCare for almost two years now. Our experience with them has been fantastic.
We are absent from the home for about half of the year and they check the house regularly, send us a brief report and take care of any issues that may arise while we are away.
We recently had a plumbing emergency.  I immediately called our TotalCare contact, and he was in my driveway within 2 minutes! He had already called a company that provides remedial water clean up services, and they arrived within 20 minutes.
We had existing plans for the day, so we left the house. TotalCare arranged for a plumber to find and fix the problem and kept us informed with pictures throughout the afternoon.
We could not have fixed the problem and minimized any damage without the immediate and efficient service provided by the TotalCare team.
The service provided by Total Care is outstanding in every way. All the people we come in contact with are extremely nice, professional , trustworthy and very easy to deal with.”
DK, Golden Oak Resident
“Dear Chuck and staff: We walked into the house today and all I could do was marvel at how beautiful everything looked. I can’t thank you enough for making the arrangements for everything to be cleaned and power washed and for overseeing all of the projects. The house has never looked better, inside and outside, including the landscaping and freshly planted flowers. We have guests arriving on Thursday and I will be so proud to entertain them in our beautiful home.
Having you and your staff available to help us maintain this second residence is a blessing. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for everything!”
Golden Oak Resident
“Chuck has been such an awesome person, taking care of everything for us. It is so nice to know that our house is in such good hands and that we don’t have to worry about anything. He has gone out of his way to help us and to make sure everything works well and to our satisfaction. He has exceeded our expectations by far and we are so glad that we can entrust our home to you. Thanks for everything!”
Golden Oak Resident
“TotalCare has been amazing. You have acted in the most professional manner and have always taken care of us. Thank-You so much for taking care of our home when we were away. I wish you were in Ohio!”
Golden Oak Past Resident
“It isn’t often that you find a company that does unto others as you would want to be done to. In Total Care, we have found that they exemplify this belief. Chuck, we thank you for treating our home the way you would treat yours. We are so at peace leaving our home to your quality management team. We have been so pleased with your dedication in taking care of our home while we are away. Thank you for all that you do. It is nice to know there is a company out there that gives quality service to their clients.”
Dr & Mrs W, Celebration
 “You cannot place a value on time. You cannot place a value on trust, superior service and quality workmanship. Total Care offers our family a turn-key service in the operations and maintenance of our home. Total Care has truly become a member of our family, whom we trust implicitly to look out for our best interests and to keep our home operating at maximum efficiency and groomed meticulously. They expect and garner top quality services from their vendors and specialists, and, offer a ‘peace of mind’ that cannot be monetized. Impeccable service and attitude….that is what Total Care means to our family.”
MM, Keene’s Pointe
“Our family recently built a home in a beautiful new neighborhood on Disney Property called Golden Oak. Our first few trips down were stressful because we were cleaning and doing maintenance for the first two days! TotalCare Orlando has alleviated our problems. One phone call and anything we need done is “magically” done. Our personal Field Engineer always checks in with us whether we’re in Oklahoma or Orlando. We also have the piece of mind that our new property will be well maintained and foreseeable problems alleviated before they start. Thanks TotalCare for letting us enjoy our day with Mickey Mouse with no worries!”
JT, Golden Oak Orlando
“TotalCare Orlando takes all the guess work and worry out of home maintenance and repair, the ease and efficiency with which they manage my home has been amazing. I wouldn’t be without them!”
JS, Bay Hill
“Total Care has restored my belief that there ARE still good people that do care about their customers. Total Care seems to have a genuine concern for their customers and puts their bests interests in the forefront. TotalCare does exactly what their name says and a whole lot more!”
NB, Isleworth
“All I have to do is make one call to my TotalCare home engineer and he responds immediately, and I don’t even have to be home. I can count on them to handle every detail, and that makes our very busy life a lot easier.”
Mr & Mrs E, Bay Hill
“The services you have provided have been professional, timely and of excellent quality.  We have recommended you to several friends.”
Robin G.
“Having you and your staff available to help us maintain this second residence is a blessing. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for everything!”
Golden Oak Resident

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