The homeowners of this Gold Oak residence came to TotalCare for a significant renovation and expansion to provide more space, add a new wine room & formal dining room, and add a new sitting area.

The project involved an addition of approximately 1,600 sq ft. of finished space, a new swimming pool, all new landscaping, a new sitting room off the master bedroom, beautiful new venetian plaster, and a number of details such as a hidden trimless door into the master bedroom closet. On the 2nd floor above the wine room, TotalCare built a new home office that features a biophilic hand-painted wallpaper.

Other details involved with the renovation included a stunning wagon-wheel ceiling coffer over new dining room with hand-painted details, a whole-house audio system, a new bar & temperature controlled wine-room with custom cabinets and englameze detail on backsplash of bar and corking counter in wine room. The corking room features a custom antique window and a lounge-groove groin ceiling with a 4-way gothic arch. The staircase was fitted with a custom baluster and a curved glass window underneath that looks into a new library featuring custom built-ins.

Throughout the project, special attention was given to blend the new space seamlessly with the existing. For example, the new dining room features a vaulted ceiling and open concept so it feels like original construction. Even the flooring was carefully matched with similar travertine and an alternate pattern to help define the separate space while keeping it connected to the open concept.

The kitchen was also included in the renovation with brand-new countertops and appliances.