February 2014 Homeowner eNewsletter

Sweet Valentine’s Day Home Maintenance Tips

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and LOVE is in the air! When planning that special evening don’t forget to be sweet to your home too! Here are some tips you can use to show your house it is close to your heart:


**Give your Oven some Lovin’**

Are you cooking dinner for two on the 14th? If your kitchen appliances are in need of cleaning be sure to let your field engineer know so we can schedule our preferred vendor to bring your appliances back to life. 

December 2013 Homeowner eNewsletter

Happy Holidays!!

All of us here at TotalCare Orlando would like to wish you and your family a most joyful Holiday Season!!

It’s that time of year we would also like to thank you for being a part of our family and entrusting us with the care and health of your home.

We look forward to another great year ahead, as we continue to grow and find new and innovative ways to keep your home looking beautiful and running smoothly!

October 2013 Homeowner eNewsletter

Welcome OCTOBER! and all the Cooler Days Ahead!

October Can Be SCARY Too…

Creaking and Popping in the Night

The many materials that make up your house — wood framing, plywood, glass, metal ducts, nails ,plumbing pipes — all expand and contract at different rates.
When a house cools at night, these materials may move slightly, rubbing against each other and making noises. Occasionally, they’ll contract with an audible pop.

August 2013 Homeowner eNewsletter

It’s a Sizzling Hot August, and TCO has Some Cool Offers for You! 

ProMisters Has the Latest in Misting Systems!

You can get relief from the heat by installing a ProMistersmisting system in your outdoor living spaces.  They also have the technology to keep those pesky mosquito’s at bay with their mosquito misting system.  For more information, visit their website, or talk to your TotalCare Field Engineer for details!