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“I have been a client of TotalCare since 2007 and have used their services for design work, renovation projects, consulting services, property management, regular/routine household maintenance from plumbers to roofers. Their work is top quality. The TotalCare team and their service providers are polite, customer oriented, on time for appointments, efficient and reliable. Most recently, a senior TotalCare manager was present for the buyer’s inspection for the sale of my home. The manager’s expertise and knowledge of my home added great value and showed the buyer that my house is and was well cared for. The team and their service providers have always been there for me and are even helping me now in the decision-making process for my next home. I would highly recommend TotalCare and their attentive and knowledgeable staff!”
Terri C., New Canaan, CT
“Why hire and renew with TotalCare? As a professional who travels globally with a family at home, having a single resource to help us manage our housing and property needs and protect the value of our home was a necessity, not a luxury. We do not need to invest valuable time finding plumbers, electricians, arborists, a handy man, etc. when an issue arises. Just a call, text, or email to TotalCare who has pre-qualified, licensed professional sub-contractors on call that get you moved to the head of the list has proven to be invaluable to us”
Tom & Ellen M., TotalCare customers since 2007
“All I have to do is make one call and TotalCare responds immediately. I can count on them to handle every detail, and that makes my life a lot easier.”
Lynne V., Wilton, CT
“Our house is beautiful! We really love everything and I just love being home. I’m worried I might become a hermit or something, I just like hanging here. I also appreciate how great everyone has been to work with – Frank, Mark, you, John the electrician, the painter and so many more. We couldn’t have asked for a greater group of people to be working with on a project like this.”
Sue J., Wilton, CT
“Thank you for the computer tech today. Once again Total Care comes through to help the D’s! We had two previous technicians spend countless hours on our system. Today your guys came in, identified the problem, and made the necessary repairs in about 1.5 hours. Besides using excellent subs and professionals you guys are a pleasure to deal with.”
Susan D., Wilton, CT
 “We used TotalCare for an extensive remodeling project. Having one point of contact was invaluable. And they finished the job on schedule, right before the birth of our son.”
Eileen S., New Canaan, CT
“I am one of those home owners who hates to spend his weekends working around the house as opposed to playing with his kids. I am also not the handiest person in the world. I therefore had to mange a myriad of companies for everything from tick spraying to driveway sealing. Most times when I had a home problem I had to do ten minutes of research just to figure out who I should call. Unfortunately, many times I found it impossible to get anyone to work on all the little things that went wrong with my home – Particularly plumbing, electrical, minor repairs. TotalCare has changed all that for me. Not only do they offer to control every service my home needs (and some I did not think of), but with one phone call I quickly get whatever service I need, regardless of the how small a job it is. The work is fast, professional and fairly priced. I thank TotalCare, and more importantly, my kids thank TotalCare.”
John D., Wilton, CT

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